We would like to thank you for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to show you our extensive selection of projects where we created and restored chandeliers. 

We have been creating and restoring new and old high quality chandeliers in Malta for over 10 years covering the entire spectrum from Murano to Edwardian and Bohemian chandeliers. All of our fixtures are hand-made by experienced craftsmen for whom, making a chandelier is an art form that requires passion for detail, beauty and creativity.

MM Chandeliers and Restorations provide high-quality services including on site cleaning and repairs according to the circumstances. Intensive restorations will then be taken to our studios for specialized work. In this case, we will remove your chandelier, carefully pack and crate all parts and then transport it safely to our facility. We take great pride in our work whether it’s full restoration or just replacing a few parts to give the Chandeliers their original beauty.

We want you to enjoy your chandeliers for many years to come by using improved and more resistant materials with the best quality crystal. 

Mark Edward Mifsud B.ed (Hon) Melit