San Anton Palace - Attard, Malta

We are very honored to have been commissioned to restore the chandeliers at San Anton Palace, in Attard. We are proud to have contributed to the upkeep of our national heritage.

Sala Censu Tabone

This beautiful and colourful murano glass chandelier in Sala Censu Tabone looked very dull and faded, losing balance in some places.  We have very carefully disassembled every single part and manually and delicately cleaned each and every piece, reassembling the chandelier carefully again the same exact original state. The Venetian colourful masterpiece is now breathing new life into the magnificent room.

Maria Theresa Chandelier

This Maria Theresa Chandelier in the newly restored hall required cleaning and some repinning in order to restore it to its original state.  The finished product is a very characteristic Maria Theresa Chandelier that not only illuminates the room, but brings in it style and elegance.

Sala Sir Anthony Mamo

The two chandeliers located in this sitting room were in a very bad state, and showed signs of amateur interventions along the years.  Every single crystal had to be dismantled, cleaned and repinned in a restored design reflective of its era and to match the elegance and style of the room.  The before and after photos below speak for themselves.

Dining Room

The chandelier in one of the dining rooms required a complete restoration, cleaning and repinning together with a full rewiring. The laborious and precise exercise has however culminated in a beautiful chandelier that helped return the room to its full former glory.