The Collegiate Church of St Paul, Rabat Malta

We have been commissioned to restore a set of twelve large chandeliers dating back from the nineteenth century. The chandeliers were showing signs of fatigue, requiring urgent attention to the structure and to the individual crystal pieces. Over the decades, and due to regular dismantling and installation, the chandeliers had lost their form and were missing some pieces which probably broke or fell over the years. The chandeliers also required a full rewiring of the electrical system to ensure that they met modern electricity standards.

In order to do the job, we unpinned and cleaned every individual single crystal chandelier piece, created a new stainless steel frame that mirrored the same form and design of the previous chandeliers, and then reassembled the chandelier from scratch, complete with rewiring and replacement of the missing crystal pieces.

Work is still ongoing on this vary laborious project. Nevertheless with nine of twelve chandeliers already restored and delivered over the past years, the people of Rabat are already starting to enjoy these chandeliers in their full glory.