Sacristy of the Cathedral of the Assumption, Gozo

We have been commissioned by the Cathedral of the Assumption, at the Citadel in Gozo, to restore an old chandelier in the cathedral’s sacristy. The chandelier looked old and tangled, and was missing various parts. It was also not illuminating the sacristy properly.

We restored the chandelier using all the old crystal parts, basing the new design on the original designer’s intention for the chandelier. Since the chandelier was clearly missing several parts, we used experience to analyse and understand which parts were removed and replaced. Plastic parts which were probably added to the chandelier in order to replace broken original parts, were discarded and replaced with new crystal pieces. All parts were dismantled and individually cleaned. We repinned all crystal pieces, and reassembled the chandelier. The old wiring was discarded, and the chandelier was rewired with a more modern and safer electrical system.

The beautiful restored chandelier will now illuminate this important room of the cathedral for many years to come.

- March 2019